Authentic Italian Napoletana Pizza & Italian Cuisine

Authentic Italian napoletana restaurant serving the finest pizza and pasta meals with the flair of traditional preparation methods from Naples.

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A Premier Napoletana Restaurant

We offer the best Italian Napoletana restaurant experience in town, serving delicious and authentic Italian wood fired pizza, traditional Italian pasta dishes, and many more tantalizing culinary items on our extensive menu. We go that extra mile to ensure that you experience an unrivalled level of service during your visit. We use pizza ovens that are imported from Italy, authentic Italian and fresh local ingredients, and passionate chefs that are able to prepare succulent Italian cuisine fresh to your plate, every time.

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The Art of Perfect Pizza Preparation

The top pizza chefs are very particular about the standard of pizza preparation, and the staff at White Oak Napoletana restaurant are no different.

The perfect, crispy pizza is largely the result of the cooking method used to cook the delicious Italian pizza. It’s true that traditional Italian preparation methods work best, which is why we use a classic wood fired pizza oven to prepare our neapolitan pizzas. Why? Because a traditional wood fired “blast-cooked” pizza will retain the flavors of the ingredients, gain unique flavour from the aromatic woods used, and will be more evenly cooked due to the extensive insulation provided by the volcanic sand bricks.

We Have the Best Chefs in Town

Even with the best ingredients, an authentic Italian meal will not be a true reflections of the traditions of Italy without a skilled chef in charge of the kitchen. Just like a skilled craftsman tending to a statue, it takes a knowledgeable and passionate chef to produce gourmet Italian cuisine for our napoletana restaurant.

And we don’t just have good chefs, we have the best chefs in town, and they’re experts in identifying the best ingredients, best flavor combinations, and the most suitable cooking methods that all combine to create mouthwatering dishes, just for you.

Ingredients Imported From Italy

Is it worth going to the extra effort to source authentic Italian ingredients? We think it is.

Given that Italian food is centered around freshness, it can be hard to duplicate. Authentic Italian cooking is about simplicity: few ingredients and traditional techniques. Why our “simple” pasta dishes taste so good, is that we use the finest Italian ingredients, or the freshest and most authentic local substitutes, to create delicious meals for you in our napoletana restaurant.

We think that the Italian varieties of pepperoni, pasta, wine, olive oil, and cheese, are far better, so we attempt to use these ingredients imported from Italy, first. Italy produces products in a land of such specific climates and with traditional methods, that food producers on mainland U.S. just can’t replicate the results. And since we strive to bring you the authentic taste of Naples in every one of our hand cooked dishes, we think it’s a step worth taking to achieve that true, Italian dining experience.